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                      Supporting Your Team During Uncertain Times

                      No matter what your business is, your people are your greatest asset. They work hard to serve your customers and achieve your goals.

                      Throughout the pandemic, our employees remained on the frontline to ensure our customers and our communities had access to fresh food and essentials when they needed them most.

                      We’ve learned a lot along the way and to help other businesses prepare to reopen safely, we’re sharing some of the steps we’ve taken to support and recognize our employees while maintaining our commitment to be there for our customers and communities.

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                      “No one knew what this crisis would be like or the toll it would take on all of us. While our associates work tirelessly to serve our customers, it’s our duty as leaders to show that same dedication to them by supporting their overall well-being.”

                      -Tim Massa
                      Senior Vice President & Chief People Officer

                      First Steps

                      Collaborate across your business to create and enforce safety and well-being measures

                      Establish a clear plan for responding to potential illnesses or exposures within your team, including appropriate paid time off

                      Offer benefits and resources to support employees’ physical and emotional well-being

                      Provide always-on opportunities for employees to voice their feedback and concerns

                      Helpful Resources

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                      Nothing herein constitutes legal advice or other formal direction or guidance of any kind. The information herein is offered for general informational purposes only.

                      The Kroger Family of Companies

                      As America’s grocer, our most urgent mission is to be here for our customers when they need us most, with open stores and openhearted hospitality. We’re taking proactive steps to protect the health and safety of our associates, customers and communities, including adjusted store operating hours, enhanced cleaning procedures, physical distancing precautions and?expanded associate benefits.

                      For more information about Kroger’s Sharing What We’ve Learned: A Blueprint for Businesses resource guide, visit here.